JOYPULP Artisan Performance Longboards


JOYPULP Skate is dedicated to designing and handcrafting high quality longboard decks. Our studio and workshop is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Design Motive

JOYPULP boards are designed for riders who love uncluttered simplicity, high-functioning performance, and boards constructed with a superior attention to detail and craftsmanship.

While designers for other board sports are afforded room to freely experiment with lustrous materials, the unforgiving concrete playground of skateboarding offers no mercy to aesthetic decadence. Skateboard and Longboard designers have always been faced with the paradoxical task of designing a durable and visually pleasing product that will be thrashed, scraped, and destroyed by the defining nature of the activity. 

Joypulp Prototype IKO Dropthrough 

Our longboards are built with tried-and-true Canadian rock maple veneer layers that can be pressed to desired ergonomic forms, as well as stand up to the aggressive physical forces riders will put them through. The dye stain, screen printing ink, and varnish finish used to protect the boards penetrate deep into the natural maple grain. This enables the boards to last through multiple layers of wear.

Sustainable Construction

The maple used in the construction of JOYPULP boards are harvested from a mill certified by the internationally recognized Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Program. All Joypulp boards are also stained and finished with water-based materials wherever possible.