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The IKO is one of the last remnants of symmetric, lowrider perfection in a world of topmounts and brick boards. Whether you use it for the smooth lean while going downhill holding a tight corner, or for the satisfaction of an endless roll distance from a single push, this solid forked dropthrough takes care of you while drifting just centimetres above the concrete ocean. Feeling a little too low? Quickly slide the trucks out and and switch it to a topmount to open up a whole new world of possibilities. Jellyfish graphic by Edmonton Artist Chaisi Glover


37.000" L
10.000" W
29.000" WB

-Tapered Rock Maple Construction (10-Ply Core to 6-Ply Edge)
-Forked drop-through truck mounts
-Micro-drop into w-concave to maximize grip contact
-Razor sharp top edges to grip soles during pre-drifts and slides
-Screenprinted graphic - No chipping!

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